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CNY Veterinary has teamed up with VetTriage, allowing our clients immediate access to a Veterinarian 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

VetTriage provides immediate telemedicine consultations, regardless of time of day or on holidays, and can provide immediate peace of mind for a small fee.  

In the event that your pet does need to be seen by a Veterinarian in person, the Veterinarian at VetTriage will contact us and have us meet you at the facility, or provide you with contact information for a Referral Hospital if that is needed. 

Telemedicine can provide an immediate evaluation by a Veterinarian all while being in the comfort of your own home, and this service can be utilized anytime throughout the day, and not just as an after hours choice.  The Veterinarian can give advice and provide suggestions, as well as determine if your pet will need further in-clinic care as well.  All consultations are performed with a Licensed Veterinarian, and the fee ($50.00) does not change regardless of how long you are on the video session with them.  In addition, if you have a quick follow up question, there is not an additional fee.

Telemedicine is done through the internet, and it does require either a smart phone or computer with internet and webcam capability.  In the event that you do not have this, you can contact the service at (800) 940-1921 and purchase a phone session.

Please be aware that although we allow any individual to take advantage of the telemedicine services through VetTriage, CNY Veterinary will only be able to provide after hour care to our current clients.  A current client is an individual who has brought their pets to us in the past 3 years.  If you have not been to our facility in more than 3 years, your account has become inactivated, and you are no longer considered an active client.


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